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What is
<b></b> is a directory of bars and pubs that show soccer (football) games on TV. There are other sites on the Internet that list these, but they are usually specific to one country, to the fans of one team, or are owned by TV companies that list only their own subscribers.

<b></b> is global. OK - I don't have any bars listed for Spitzbergen or Bhutan yet, but wherever you are travelling in the world, visit <b></b> to find a game (and a beer) near you.

If you have visited one that is not listed here please let me know about it. I'd also like to receive feedback on the bars that are listed.

Bars and pubs open up, close down, and change their management, so I can't guarantee satisfaction. Call ahead or check the pub's own web site to make sure they are showing the game before you visit.

If you call it "football" instead of "soccer" don't despair - just remember - it's the same thing!
Why do some pubs have incomplete details and no reviews?
I would happily tour the world reviewing these pubs. Until that changes from dream to reality, I have to rely on others to share the load, and report back to If you have watched a game in one of these venues please share your opinion. In particular:

- What leagues/competitions were on TV?
- How many TVs ? Large screens?
- Was it easy to get the game shown?
- Was the sound turned on?

I want to do another search. Do I have to use the Change Country button to start my search?
No you don't! You can click on those blue country, state and town names at the top of the page to browse for other venues.
Why do you have so few pubs listed in Britain?
Televised soccer (football) is relatively easy to find in British pubs. If there's a big game on any TV channel, you'll find a pub nearby showing the broadcast.

The same is true of other major nations where soccer is the national sport.

The pubs and bars in this directory are mostly in countries where soccer is a minority interest, and where the visiting fan could search all day and not find one, even by asking a local resident.

However if I do hear of a good football-viewing pub in the UK I will include it.
Suggestions to improve the site?
If there's some feature that you'd like to see on the site, let me know. Yes - I know you'd like to see a real-time schedule of games (and the beers on tap) at each pub, but that's some way off
I tried to register but it said registration is closed.
Don't worry! You're not missing anything. There is nothing to register for at the moment.

The comments are owned by the author. We aren't responsible for their content.
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