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USA / Texas / Austin

Name Ringers Sports Lounge
Address 415 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas, 78701
Town/City Austin, Texas, USA
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Phone 1 (512) 495-1558
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Comments ENG, UEFA. Channels: Fox.
Fans Views "Ringers is an all-American sports bar that shows mainly American sports (basketball, American football, ice hockey etc) on its few dozen screens around the bar. However, English football matches - as well as a few Spanish, Italian, French, South American and other national leagues - are shown frequently on the Fox Soccer Channel. The one disadvantage Ringers has compared to Fados is that it does not seem to open until the early afternoon meaning that they cannot show the English weekend games due to the time difference (Fados will open at 6:30am if a game is on, although cannot serve alcohol until 7am). Having said that, Ringers will show any football games that are being aired during their opening hours, which usually includes mid-week English matches and afternoon replays of weekend games. The regular bar prices are slightly cheaper than those at Fados (around $4.75 a pint of lager compared to Fados' $5.25) and there is a "happy hour" between 4pm and 7pm most week days ($2 all bottles of beer, Jagermeister etc). All in all, Ringers is a fair bar to watch European and South American football, or indeed anything shown on Fox Soccer Channel, and gives a bit of an alternative to the nearby Fados. " (Thomas Bamford, Feb 2006)

"I have to disagree with the comments above. I have been to Ringers plenty at 6am to catch a match. Comparing Fados to Ringers is like, well, comparing... you know. If you want a pub atmosphere, hit up Fado, and if you're looking for a more modern-high-def-tv-everywhere-you-look type bar, Ringers is your spot. They always have drink specials and the food is actually pretty decent. Check out their web site for scheduled matches." (Richard, Mar 2006)
ENG = English
GER = German
INT = Internationals
ITAL = Italian
UEFA = European
SCOT = Scottish
SPAN = Spanish
IRE = Irish
NOR = Norwegian
USA = American

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