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USA / Massachusetts / Boston

Name Phoenix Landing
Address 512 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
Town/City Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Phone 1 (617) 576-6260
Web site
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Comments ENG, INT.
Fans Views "As a Manchester United fan I've found this to be the best pub in town to watch matches - the staff is great, the food reasonable (and I'm a vegetarian so just the fact that there is stuff I can eat is a plus) and the atmosphere pleasant - usually. At least it beats following on text at home!" (Dorothy, Oct 2007)

"This is a Liverpool supporters pub... or at least it appeared so when I recently visited. Regardless, there are plenty of screens and good atmosphere to watch a match. A fair menu of food and drink to enjoy and friendly staff to complete the overall experience."(Acharai, Nov 2005)

"Just saw the FA Cup Final here...great atmosphere, pleasant staff, fun crowd, yeah, mostly Liverpool fans, but so am I so I had a great time. " (Supergirl, May 2006)

"Great bar. Great Atmosphere. They show lots of soccer as well as rugby and GAA matches. They show predominantly Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, and Chelsea matches, but they'll show the likes of Wigan and Blackburn, too. They show USA matches as well." (Garrett Quinn, Dec 2006)
ENG = English
GER = German
INT = Internationals
ITAL = Italian
UEFA = European
SCOT = Scottish
SPAN = Spanish
IRE = Irish
NOR = Norwegian
USA = American

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